10 Ways MSPs Can Be More Efficient Across Their Business

As an MSP, efficiency is the name of the game. Better efficiency means happier clients and better profit margins. In this joint event from Auvik Networks and eFolder, we’ll share 10 easy tips for gaining efficiencies across your MSP business, from network management through to billing.

efolder-red.pngYou’ll learn:
  • The manual processes that expose your clients and your business to massive risk

  • How to identify where automation and integration can up your game significantly

  • auvik-network-management-outline@2x.pngHow to stop using your most expensive resources to solve network problems

  • How to get amplify your marketing results without lifting a finger

  • And more
Register now to save your seat, and we’ll see you on Feb 8 at 12:00 pm MST!

About the Hosts

Patrick Albert
Patrick Albert is the AVP of product management at Auvik Networks. He’s worked in the MSP space since 2005, when he worked for an ISP in a rural area and developed his appreciation for network management. He then transitioned to technical support and rose through the ranks of product management at an MSP software vendor before bringing his talents to Auvik. He continues to pursue his mission of creating efficiency and enabling MSP success through automation.

Tom Watson
Tom Watson is the Director of MSP Best Practices at eFolder. Tom successfully exited his MSP of 15 years in 2014, and has worked in Information Technology for over 20 year. He joined the eFolder team to lead the MSP Ignition! program. He has a Bachelors from the University of Arizona, a Masters of Science in Management with a concentration in Information Technology from Rensselaer and 22 technical certifications. Tom is also a certified Sommelier through Wine Spirits & Education Trust.
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