MSP Ignition!
A Series of Best Practices
with Tom Watson

When surveying the MSP landscape in 2017, we realized one crucial element was missing: an easily accessible program designed to support success in all aspects of your IT Services Business. There’s a difference between being talked at and talked with –thus, MSP Ignition! was created to educate and empower MSPs and their employees to take their business to the next level. But who to host it? Enter Tom Watson.

Recognized industry-wide for disciplined business practices, boundary-pushing thought leadership, and high margins across all clients and products, Tom Watson has come to eFolder/Axcient to share his and others' unique perspectives & winning formulas so that you can benefit from his experiences and make winning a lifestyle. 

Ignition! consists of 2 tracks – MSP Best Practices & MSP Sales Enablement –  giving you a 360-degree MSP roadmap encompassing all the aspects of the business: sales, marketing, networking, outreach, accounting, and more. Our goal is to provide unique insights for every person working around or for an MSP – from the CEO down. We will be running a regular cadence of interactive webinars designed to enrich and educate; all culminating in the form of MSP Ignition!: The Book at the end of the program. On to our learning tracks:

The MSP Best Practices track details how to structure, manage, and position all the aspects of an MSP business in order to provide a stable foundation for operational maturity.

MSP Sales Enablement discussions, on the other hand, are all about adding rocket fuel to your sales engine – and shooting your MSP into the stratosphere with insider tips, tricks, and advice.

MSP Ignition! was designed by MSPs for MSPs. What are you waiting for?

*You need not attend every session to get the tools and learning materials. Registering guarantees that you will always get a recording of every session and access to all our content!*


DATEWednesday, July 25, 2018 | 12PM MST, 2PM EST
TITLE:  How to Recruit & Retain Top Technical Talent
HOSTS: Tom Watson, James Bier of VAR Staffing, and Robert Leake
SYNOPSIS: There's no way to overstate how important it is to hire the right person for the right job in your business. Tom Watson is joined by expert James Bier of VAR Staffing to discuss hiring challenges, how to an attractive destination for the best candidates, and most importantly, how to keep your best employees!

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