MSP Ignition! #17
Closing on the First Appointment

Closing on the first appointment may seem like a daunting task even for the most experienced salesperson. This goal is clear, but the real question is how do you successfully make this happen each time?

Join us for a webinar explaining how you can close on the First Appointment. Nick Points from CharTec Academy and Axcient/eFolder’s Tom Watson will co-host this topic and bring you their secrets to sales success including:

  • Where to look online to discover pain points of a prospect
  • How to use social media to find out what others know that you need to know about a prospect 
  • How to dig deep and obtain key business stats on your prospect
  • How to position and close the first time you are in front of a prospect  

DATE: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 | 11AM MST, 1PM EST
TITLE:  How to Close on the First Appointment
HOSTS: Tom Watson, Nick Points of CharTec Academy & Angus Robertson

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