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Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Clients to Ditch Tape Backups

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Solely relying on tape-based backup isn't a sustainable strategy. MSPs everywhere understand the benefits of true business continuity, such as rapid recovery, instant virtualization, and off-site backup, but how can they convince clients to ditch traditional backup methods and adopt a robust BDR solution?

Join Farrell Lusher, President at Stepfar Technology Group, and Neeraj Periwal, Product Marketing Manager at eFolder, as they discuss strategies for getting clients to ditch obsolete backup services and adopt a real business continuity solution. You’ll learn:
  • How to convince clients to adopt a backup and disaster recovery solution, even if it costs them more money upfront
  • Which benefits of backup and disaster recovery MSPs should emphasize to clients
  • Why it took Lusher years to find the best BDR solution for his clients — and why that made all the difference
  • What tools and tactics MSPs can use to promote backup and disaster recovery solutions to their clients

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