On-Demand Webinar

Special eFolder Announcement: StorageCraft Agreement and CEO Town Hall

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eFolder announced the renewal of our comprehensive and long term licensing agreement with StorageCraft.

Learn about what this agreement means for you. 

During this special event, you will learn about:

  • The key details of eFolder and StorageCraft comprehensive licensing agreement
  • Why current eFolder partners will be able to continue to source ShadowProtect software directly from eFolder
  • How eFolder will leverage our new ability to run ShadowProtect ImageManager, VirtualBoot, and HeadStart Restore in the cloud
  • How the new and improved eFolder BDR for ShadowProtect will help your clients, your business, and your profitability
  • Why eFolder will continue to be the largest third party supplier of cloud services for ShadowProtect deployments

This event was hosted by Kevin Hoffman, CEO, and Ted Hulsy, VP of Marketing. 

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