Hear from Replibit’s Creator and
Understand 75% Reduction in BDR Admin

Part 1, 45 minutes: Wed Aug 30th 11am PT | 2pm ET
Part 2, 45 minutes: Thur Aug 31st 11am PT | 2pm ET

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Join me as I interview Andrew Bensinger in a two-part webinar on how his Replibit changed Backup and Disaster Recovery and how eFolder Replibit strengthens SLAs and improves the confidence of MSPs today. Part One is on Tuesday Aug 29th for a deep dive into Replibit’s:
  • Chain-Free Technology
  • Auto-verification process
  • Fast virtual installs and virtual boot recoveries
  • Appliance options for any preference
  • Winning competitive pricing

If you can’t make either or both dates, just register anyway and we will send you both recordings. Part Two will be a LIVE Demo of the features that will change the way you think about BDR.

I have experienced savings of 75%!”  Come find out how this can be your reality.  (Yes, we will take questions.)

See you at the webinar.

Robert Leake
Director of Marketing

Register to attend either, both
or just to get the recording