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Making the Switch: 3 Partners Share Why They Just Adopted a New RMM Solution

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LabTech, Continuum, and Ninja RMM, oh my! Partners often jump from one RMM tool to the next due to dissatisfaction with their current solution, but choosing the right RMM tool from the get-go can mean immediate efficiency and productivity gains for your MSP business.

Find the right RMM tool once and for all. Join three partners in conversation with Ted Hulsy, Vice President of Marketing at eFolder, as they explain their reasons for switching to LabTech, Continuum, or Ninja RMM. You’ll learn:
  • The common pain points MSPs experience when they choose the wrong RMM tool
  • What capabilities to look for in the ideal RMM tool
  • Differences (and similarities) between three major players in the RMM space
  • How to use an RMM tool to automate software installations and proactively monitor your clients’ deployments

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