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Making the Case for Secure File Sync in the Medical Vertical

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As the volume of electronic medical data continues to explode, clients such as medical offices, hospitals, and medical insurance companies are in need of secure methods of storing and transmitting files. How can MSPs capitalize on this opportunity and provide clients with a HIPAA-complaint file sync solution?

In this eFolder Partner Panel webinar, join Alan Helbush, CEO of Where to Start, Antonio Stroman, President of The Brass Effect, and Mike Gill, President of CIO Systems of Silicon Valley, as they discuss how to educate medical clients on non-secure file sharing methods and introduce a HIPAA-compliant file sync solution. You’ll learn:
  • Which aspects of HIPAA matter most for MSPs and their clients
  • How to detect and educate clients on non-compliant file sharing methods
  • Strategies for promoting a secure, business-grade file sync solution to medical clients
  • How to price and package a HIPAA-compliant file sync offering

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