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Making the Case for BDR: Communicating the Value of Business Continuity to Clients

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If your clients don't see the value in a backup and disaster recovery solution, you're likely expending unnecessary time, labor, and money in helping maintain tapes and other less capable versions of backup technology. How can you convince clients of the benefits of a BDR solution?

In this eFolder Partner Chat webinar, join Willie Kerns, President of SmartPath Technologies, and Neeraj Periwal, Product Marketing Manager at eFolder, as they discuss strategies for moving clients beyond mere backup and toward true business continuity. You’ll learn:

  • The partner and client benefits of adopting an end-to-end business continuity solution
  • How MSPs can communicate the value of a business continuity solution to clients
  • SmartPath Technology case studies and how Willie successfully convinces his clients to adopt BDR
  • Resources available to partners to market and sell their BDR offering

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