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MSP Sales Strategies, Part 3: How Hiring a Farmer Can Help Your MSP Business Thrive

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MSPs looking to build an effective sales team should not overlook the importance of hiring a farmer, someone who can work hard to keep your existing client base happy while driving higher upsells and cross-sells. However, it should be no surprise that hiring your first farmer isn’t always the easiest process. How do you know when it is the right time to add a relationship manager to your sales team — and how do structure your sales team to include a farmer role?

Learn how recruiting the right farmer can boost your MSP’s sales and support capabilities. Join Nathan Austin, VP of Business Development for MyTech, and Kaitlyn Langer, Community Coordinator at eFolder, as they discuss why a relationship based role, such as a farmer, is an important member of your sales team.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How a farmer can provide regular engagement with clients and the effects it has on risk management
  • How hiring a farmer role can dramatically improve your ability to retain clients
  • What criteria to look for when hiring an effective farmer
  • Ways to design a motivating compensation plan for a farmer, based on customer retention rates, upselling, add-ons, and upgrades

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