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ConnectWise + eFolder = Better Together

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Thousands of MSPs recognize the importance of using a PSA system like ConnectWise to organize their billing, project management, and more in a single place. But what about the additional benefits of integrating ConnectWise with eFolder’s channel-ready file sync and data protection solutions?

In this eFolder Expert Series webinar, join Callen Sapien, Solution Specialist at ConnectWise, and Ted Hulsy, Vice President of Marketing at eFolder, as they explain the reasons to use a powerful PSA system and to combine ConnectWise and eFolder’s solutions. You’ll learn:
  • Why every MSP needs a PSA solution and how to choose the right one for your business
  • The benefits of pushing support tickets and billing information to a single dashboard
  • [Demo] How to integrate eFolder services with ConnectWise
  • New integrations between eFolder and ConnectWise to look forward to

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