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3 Easy Steps to Configuring Your Own BDR Appliance

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MSPs have increasingly gravitated toward the idea of building their own BDR appliances. There’s only one problem: building a custom BDR appliance can be an expensive and frustrating endeavor. How can MSPs build and configure their own BDR appliance without wasting time and money?

Join Adam Preeo, Product Manager at eFolder, and Neeraj Periwal, Product Marketing Manager at eFolder, as they share how easy it can be for MSPs to configure their own BDR appliances. You’ll learn:

  • Why MSPs should consider repurposing old BDR appliances or building new ones from scratch
  • The minimum hardware specs necessary to configure a new BDR appliance
  • [DEMO] 3 easy steps to configuring your own BDR appliance
  • How much money an MSP can save by building their own BDR appliances instead of buying new ones

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